Friday, February 28, 2020

Oprah Winfrey reveals why she married Stedman Graham, recalls thinking he was a’Participant’


Released 1: 57 p.m. ET Jan. 15, 2020


Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham happen to be in a relationship longer than a number of us have been alive, and many wonder if the duo could ever get married. The answer?  Most likely not.

In a column to the February issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, the iconic TV host stated had she married Graham, their relationship may have never worked out.

“Back in 1993, the second after I said yes to his proposal, I had doubts. I realized I did not actually need a union. I wished to be inquired,” Winfrey wrote.  “I wished to know he felt that I was worthy of being his missus, but I didn’t want the sacrifices, the compromises, the day-in-day-out dedication necessary to make a marriage work. My life with the series was my priority, and we knew it.”

She added:”He and I agree that had we tied the marital knot, we would not still be together.”

Winfrey stated she’s a”spiritual partnership” with Graham, one where her partner was able to create an identity and purpose outside of being”Oprah’s man.”

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Winfrey also recalled thinking Graham was a”participant” throughout their one of their initial experiences.

“I thought that he was fine enough, but I wasn’t that impressed. He was considerate, yes, and kind. The sort of man who stays with an ailing friend. Tall and handsome, for certain. But actually too handsome, I believed, to be thinking about me,” she wrote. “I figured he should be a participant. So did my manufacturers. They warned me not to get involved with this Stedman man”

Winfrey has been available about not being married or having kids earlier, and she said she had no regrets during an October interview with People magazine.

Winfrey said the show required 17-hour workdays and she’d return home to her puppies and also to Graham. She said that her spouse let her be who she needed to be in the entire world.

“He is never demanding anything from me ‘Where’s my breakfast? Where is my dinner?’  Never any of this, which I thought would have changed had we married.”

She added:”No question about it — we wouldn’t stay married because of what that could have meant to himand I would have had my own ideas about it.”

She noted she considered having children with Graham. 

“At one point in Chicago, I had purchased an additional apartment since I had been thinking,’Well, if we get married, I’m likely to want room for kids,'” Winfrey said.

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